OVERCOMING the inadequacies OF traditional CREDIT SCORING

Traditional credit scoring models are inadequate for today's financial institutions. As per Bloomberg, not only are traditional models inferior, but they are artificially inflating credit scores, compromising financial institutions' decision making. 

The new generation of products overcomes the challenges that the first generation of solutions didn’t solve. These AI-Based solutions enable innovators and risk managers to gain a distinct competitive advantage by delivering unprecedented explainability, stability, and reduced overfit.

White Paper

This White Paper will cover: 

feature-iconGaining Explainability

  • How AI Based Credit Models can overcome bias and discriminations and provide an explainable model.

feature-iconMaintaining Stability

  • How AI-based models avoid overfitting, create a more robust predictive model and improve Gini scores over time.

feature-iconAdvances in AI Credit Scoring

  • New AI technologies that avoid machine learning challenges are penetrating the banking sector.